Ken’s Top 3 Takeaways From NYC's Inman Connect!

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I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend Inman Connect in New York City. Inman describes the action packed conference as a place “where more than 4,000 CEOs, tech entrepreneurs, marketing experts, top-producing agents and brokers, and financial services executives converge.” Sound exciting? Yes, it was!  

I even had the opportunity to appear on stage while questioning a panel about using facebook in my business! The panel’s message? Embrace facebook - especially the video features.
So, being the “doer” that I am, I’m excited to announce that this month I officially will launch my new video series, “Home Trends With Ken,” on my own You Tube Channel. Stay tuned (literally) as I introduce my new series this month!

Beyond my turn on the stage (geez, blush), I’d like to share with you my top three take-aways from three industry-leading experts who spoke at Inman Connect.


Pictured Above:  Nela Richardson and Brad Inman

1. Seek Out Opportunity!

Nela Richardson, RedFin’s Chief Economist, offered the following predictions/trends:

-Low interest rates will continue for the next year.
-Strong home buyer demand will continue, particularly as Millennials “want out of the basement” and Baby Boomers "seek their dream home." 
-Housing affordability and low inventory will continue to be issues for the real estate market.

[Note from Ken:  Low rates present good opportunities for buyers, while low inventory creates good opportunities for sellers. The key is to figuring out how to make current conditions work best for you.  If it's your time to seek that opportunity, know that I’m here to help you as a sounding board and resource!]

2) Jump off the High Dive!

Brad Inman, the founder and sole owner of Inman - one of real estate’s leading names in news, information and innovation, urged us to “jump off the high dive.” In less dramatic terms, Inman said, “There’s tons of opportunity right now. We are in a rapidly growing economy. It’s not the time to hesitate or to sit back.” Quoting Theodore Roosevelt, Inman encouraged:

“Get Action; Do Things; Be Sane; Don’t fritter away your time; Create; Act; Take a Place wherever you are and be somebody; Get Action.”

3) Find Fulfillment and Happiness - It’s Your Right!

Finally, Simon Sinek, New York Times Best Selling Author (“Start with Why”), shared his vision for the future: A world where people wake up inspired, go to work and feel safe while they are there. They return home a the end of the day feeling happy and fulfilled.


Pictured Above, Simon Sinek Being Interviewed

I myself am ready to embrace these challenges. I also hope I can be a resource in your real estate challenges and opportunities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Rest assured, I love to help and am rooting for your success!


Pictured Above - Me at Times Square (and no, I'm not a member of the NYPD even though that NPYD sign is pointing right at me in the picture!)