Million Dollar Listers:  DC Meets LA


This past January I had the opportunity to meet and talk with two of Los Angeles’ top real estate agents - Josh Altman and his brother Matt Altman - at a reception for “Real Estate Agents of the Future - Smarter, Faster, Bolder!” (28)

Josh and Matt, who are stars of the Bravo TV Series, Million Dollar Listing LA, certainly set the bar high as “Agents of the Future.”  If you’ve never had a chance to see them in action, just watch the show Million Dollar Listing LA to witness a tour-de-force in luxury real estate sales. 

The Altman brothers sell the most glitzy and glamorous homes in the Los Angeles area, with record setting sales. Not content to rest on their achievements, however, they are constantly “upping” their game. For example, they’ve started employing state-of-the-art technologies like drones for aerial photography and 3D imaging cameras (Matterport) to create virtual tours for their listings. 

The Altman brothers also exude a passion for their job. When asked what they would do if they “lost it all tomorrow,” both brothers replied that they’d do the exact same thing - keep working as realtors because they love their job so much.

So, as it turns out, LA’s Million Dollar Listers and I have a few things in common!  I too strive to constantly work “smarter, faster, bolder,” employing the latest technologies, such as aerial photography and 3D imaging technology on my listings. I also share their passion for real estate, because I love helping my clients achieve their real estate dreams!  If I lost it all today, I’d be doing the same thing tomorrow!  

Congrats to the Altman brothers for their ongoing success. Their passion for the real estate biz is inspiring. 

Truly, there’s no business like the real estate business!