Top 10 Home Tips To Stay Cool This Summer


Last week was a real scorcher in the Washington, DC area. With such heat, one of the modern era’s comforts - A/C - becomes a “necessity.”! But air conditioning is not the only answer to staying cool inside when it’s hot outside. Consider these home-related tips to beat the heat - most of them aren’t going to overburden your budget.

- If your house is painted a heat-absorbing dark shade, paint it a lighter shade to deflect the sun’s rays.
- Hang out in your basement – it’s usually at least 10 degrees cooler than upper floors.
- Install a de-humidifier to reduce high humidity, which contributes to heat discomfort.
- Plant shade trees around the outside of the house.
- Instead of incandescent light bulbs, which give off a lot of heat, use compact fluorescents.
- Keep blinds down on the side of the house the sun is shining on.
- Use your backyard grill to stay out of a hot kitchen while cooking.
- Install ceiling fans in heavy-use rooms.
- Unplug computers, TVs and DVD players when not in use. Even turned off, these appliances generate a lot of heat.
- Avoid the upper floors of your house – remember, heat rises.

Hopefully these tips will help you stay cool this summer, and in the future. Have a great Summer!