VIDEO: 5 Kitchen Design Trends by Ken Trotter

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Watch this episode of Home Trends with Ken for 5 Great Kitchen Design Trends.  Click on link directly below to view video, and read on for the 5 tip summary included herein.  

VIDEO: 5 Kitchen Trends by Ken Trotter

A well planned kitchen remodel will increase your quality of life as well as your home’s value.  Remodeling Magazine estimates that a minor kitchen remodel will recoup 80 percent of its cost, while a major, midrange kitchen remodel has a 65 percent return on investment.   

1) Open Concept kitchens are trending - homeowners and buyers love kitchen areas with great flow into adjacent living areas.

2) Large, multi-functional islands are highly popular, particularly where they provide storage, an area for preparing meals, and even serve as a buffet when entertaining.

3) Effective kitchen lighting includes statement fixtures (for example, great pendant lights over the island), recessed lighting, and task lighting.  

4) Finishes should be tailored to the local market, to avoid over or under improving.  For example, in high-end markets, including the majority of the key markets near Washington, DC, homeowners should strongly considering including luxury finishes such as granite or quartz countertops and high quality appliances.  

5) Buyers love wood floors in kitchens, and it's a great way to add charm, style, and flow into neighboring rooms.

If you are considering a kitchen upgrade, but wonder what features will best add value to your home for when you decide to sell, or need a contractor referral, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for more information.