Video: Incorporating Art into Your Home's Decor


In this episode of Home Trends with Ken, I provide my Top 3 Tips for incorporating art into your home’s decor to add a sense of style, sophistication, and luxury.  Click on the link directly below to view the video, and then read on for a summation of the tips.

VIDEO: 3 Tips for Incorporating Art Into Your Home By Ken Trotter

Tip 1: Know Your Budget

I’m confident you can find affordable works of art for your home that will make it more inspiring for you and increase its visual appeal.  Whether it’s a piece of art you are buying as an investment, or an impulse buy that you feel strongly about, there’s a piece of art for every budget.   

Tip 2:  Curate your Collection

When choosing art, Christina Salmastrelli, writing for Elle Decor, advises to “go with your intuition.” Washington, DC artist, Bobbi Pratte, says don’t be afraid to “go big.”  She advises that a singular large piece can set the tone for the room’s furnishings and anchor your art collection. A large art piece also can add drama and provide a focal point for your room.  She also advises that If you are unsure of how to grow your collection, pick a theme. For example, you can feature art with gardens in your dining room.

Tip 3:  Showcase Your Art With Proper Hanging, Wall Color and Lighting

Hanging your art:  Make sure to hang your art at the correct height, which is usually eye level.  But, that rule can be broken based on other variables such as the placement of furniture and whether you will be displaying a montage of paintings.   

Wall color:  When it comes to wall color, you don’t have to display art on a white wall.  You can use other paint colors to set a room’s tone while showcasing the art.  For example, one expert writing for Houzz, suggests using a color that is similar to the background of the art piece to create cohesion and flow.

Lighting:  Finally, when it comes to lighting, be careful, because some lights can damage art over the long term. Writing for Architectural Digest, one expert suggests using LED lights, which emit no harmful ultra violet light and little heat.

Reach out to me directly for links to insightful articles about how to showcase your art, or if you just want to know about some cool galleries and exhibits to visit.