VIDEO: Baby Boomers & Gen X - Is it Time To Sell?


If your struggling to decide whether it's time to sell, watch this episode of Home Trends with Ken for key questions you should consider. A synopsis of the key considerations is also included below.

VIDEO: Baby Boomers & Gen-X, Is It Time to Sell?

If you're like many of my Baby Boomers and Gen X clients, you may be at a crossroads and considering whether it's time to sell your current home because it no longer fits your lifestyle.  You likely want a home with features such as a home office, media center, first floor owner suite, and easy to maintain exterior.  You also lead active lifestyles, so having access to great neighborhood amenities is important. To get that perfect combo - a house and neighborhood you love, I suggest  you take the following 3 Step Analysis.

Step 1:  Examine Whether Your Home Fits Your Needs & Lifestyle.

Consider your home’s size and options.  Does your home provide the space and functionality you desire?
Then, carefully consider whether your home can be modified or renovated to achieve your goals.

Step 2:  Examine Whether Your Neighborhood Matches Your Needs and Lifestyle.

-Consider Neighborhood Amenities, such as access to shops and restaurants or recreational opportunities.
-Consider Proximity to Family, such as the ability to visit frequently with children, grandchildren or elderly parents.
-Consider the Climate, such as whether you prefer four seasons or want year-round sunshine and warmth.

Step 3: Obtain The Sound Advice of Professionals

 I recommend you include the following  professionals on your real estate success team..

-A builder and designer who will help assess renovation and construction options.
-A Financial Planner who will help  take stock of your assets and analyzing how much money you should spend on any renovation or new home purchase.
-A Mortgage Specialist who will present financing options.
-An Attorney and CPA who Will Help With Any Estate Planning and Tax issues.
-And finally, a Realtor( like me).

In the Washington DC area, I’m able to help guide you through this process and can help you assemble your real estate success team through my established relationships with exceptional professionals. I’ve done this with many other past clients and can help you too.

So, if you are thinking about selling, give yourself the Ken Trotter Advantage and reach out to me.